Representative Office of The Islamic Development Bank Group Business Forum (THIQAH) in BKPM

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Jakarta - Indonesia

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Representative Office of The Islamic Development Bank Group Business Forum (THIQAH) in BKPM



The objective of the IDB Group Business Forum (THIQAH) is to establish a unique and innovative platform for dialogue, cooperation and inclusive partnership for business leaders committed to partnering in promising investment opportunities.


Through the Business Forum "THIQAH", the Islamic Development Bank Group is seeking to reinforce the effectiveness and success of the partnerships that have been forged between the Group and business leaders\establishments in its member countries’ business sectors. For this reason, the Forum’s head office has been suitably equipped to be able to speed up the initiation of projects and the transfer of expertise & best practice. THIQAH’s head office has been equipped with the very latest audio-visual communication systems which will be of great assistance when holding overseas meetings and events, allowing business partners to interact easily and effectively. In addition, it is a business platform for displaying successful models and investment opportunities available in all member countries.


The Islamic Development Bank Group hopes to improve sustainable development indicators in member countries whose private sector is a key factor that complements the role of governments and helps lighten their development burden, thereby allowing them to carry out their prime missions.



THIQAH’s vision is to position itself as the leading business platform of the IDB Group serving the private sector in member countries and maximizing the achievements of successful investment projects.Through facilitation and catalyst roles, THIQAH will be leveraging IDB Group’s resources to offer necessary services and confidence to investors in member countries.


To fully attain its vision by 2019/1440, the Forum’s activities will focus on providing the following services and solutions:

  1. Connecting member countries’ entrepreneurs with the Forum’s business partners through THIQAH’s online platform and its branch offices which will be established over the coming two years.
  2. Identifying business opportunities to potential investors by providing online access to a dedicated network and data bases of investment opportunities in member countries and around the world. Investors will be able to choose their own criteria in order to receive projects that match their investment preferences.
  3. Facilitating sources of funding to entrepreneurs to raise capital by providing, through the services of the Forum, direct access to IDB Group entities, investors, venture capitalists and business funds, including those located within member countries.
  4. Providing services available at the Forum’s Head Office to members and entrepreneurs to hold their meetings and events and conduct overseas meetings with remote participants via video conferencing and web casting.
  5. Collaborating with the Bank Group entities to enhance the Forum’s value proposition for the business and investment communities by performing the role of a “front office”.
  6. Increasing the participation of business leaders and investors in the Forum’s annual meetings, investment conferences and other Forum events.





THIQAH’s mission is to establish strategic partnerships with the leaders of the private sector in order to capitalize on their expertise and know-how on one hand, and to synergize with IDB Group entities on the other. The primary focus will be on maximizing cross-border investments among IDB Group member countries to be supported by IDB Group's financial products and services.

Goals & Objectives

  • Insuring investments and export credit as well as other success factors, all through one platform of the IDB Group.
  • Guaranteeing the factors needed for successful investment via effective use of existing and innovative, technical knowledge, funding instruments, direct investment and various financial products and advisory services.
  • Providing investment opportunities through the organization of business conferences, seminars and investment forums in member countries as well as Muslim communities in non-member countries.
  • Monitoring investment climates in member countries in order to continuously improve the identification of investment opportunities.
  • Building and sharing businessmen/businesswomen databases covering all member countries of the IDB Group to foster business-to-business engagement, networking and deal conclusion.
  • Transferring successful models and best practice in investment projects among member countries of the IDB Group.