Theme: Promoting Intra-OIC Trade and Investment in Central Asia
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Date and venue
The First Investment Forum of the OIC Plan of Action for Cooperation with Central Asia will be held on October 27-28, 2014 in Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan. The opening ceremony will take place on October 27, 9:00 at the State Complex “Somon Palace”.
Visa support
Visas for the participants of the Forum will be issued free of charge by diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Tajikistan abroad as well as upon arrival at the Dushanbe International Airport. Participants are kindly requested to have their invitation letter of the Forum in hand when applying for the visa.
Dushanbe International Airport operates regular international flights from/to the following major cities: Frankfurt, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai, Tehran, Almaty, Urumqi, Bishkek, and others. Detailed information with regard to the schedule of the inbound/outbound international flights is available on the website of the International airport of Dushanbe at: http://airport.tj/into/
National and foreign air carriers operating in Tajikistan:
Arrival at the airport
Organizing committee will meet and greet the Forum participants on arrival at the Dushanbe International Airport and escort them to designated hotel.
Hotel accommodation
The Tajik side will provide local hospitality and cover the costs of accommodation at only State Guest House, “Avesto” Hotel and “Tajikistan” Hotel, meals and local transport of government delegations, according to the following format for the period from 27 to 28 October 2014:
Minister - 1+2;
Deputy Minister - 1+1; 
Other level – 1
All other Forum participants are responsible for making their own hotel arrangements. The delegates may also select other hotels for accommodation at their own costs. To assist them on hotel bookings below is a list of recommended hotels:
1.  Hotel “Tajikistan” 
Republic of Tajikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Shotemur St. 22
Tel.: (+992 44) 600 – 99 – 33, Fax: (+992 44) 600 – 99 – 11
E-mail: hotel@tojikiston.com, website: http://www.hoteltojikiston.tj/sml/ru/index.php
2.  Hotel “Avesto” 
Republic of Tajikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Rudaki Ave. 105A
Tel.: (+992 44) 600 – 52 – 52, Fax: (+ 992 37) 221-11-75, 221-16-47
3.  Hotel «Poytakht»  
Republic of Tajikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Rudaki Ave. 7
Tel.: (+992 37) 221 – 23 – 57, 221 – 96 – 55, Fax: (+992 37) 221 – 96 – 31, 223 – 20 – 19
4.  Hotel “Istiqlol” 
Republic of Tajikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Sportivnaya St. 12
Tel.: (992 44) 600 – 81 – 50, Fax: (+992 37) 236 – 32 – 90
E-mail: info@istiqlol.tj, Website: www.istiqlol.tj
5.  Hyyatt Regency Dushanbe 
Republic of Tajikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Ismoili Somoni St. 26/1
Tel: +992 48 702 1234, Fax: +992 48 702 1235
E-mail: dushanbe.regency@hyatt.com,
6.  Hotel “Serena Dushanbe” 
Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe
Tel.: (+992 48) 701 – 40 – 00, Fax: (+992 48) 702 – 40 – 00
E-mail: Reservations.dsh@serena.com.tj
7.  Hotel “Mercury” 
Republic of Tajikistan, 734001, Dushanbe, Leo Tolstoy St. 9
Tel.: (+992 44) 640 – 06 – 66, (+992 44) 640 – 07 – 77, Fax: (+992 37) 224 – 41 – 37
E-mail: info@hotel-mercury.tj, Website: www.hotel-mercury.tj
Local time
Dushanbe is located on the time zone GTM+5.
The state language of the Republic of Tajikistan is Tajik. Russian language is also widely used for communication in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Dushanbe climate is continental subtropical, with dry, hot summers. In October, the average day temperature is 24 C; evening is 12 – 14 C. The weather might vary; expect sunny, cloudy, breezy weather with a chance of shower/rain. 
Currency Exchange
The official currency of Tajikistan - Somoni (som). Information on exchange rates is available on the website of the National Bank of Tajikistan. Currency exchange offices are available at banks and kiosks throughout the city and the airport. ATMs are available in most banks, hotels and shopping centers.
For international calls from Dushanbe it is necessary to dial the international exit code (810), country code, city code and phone number.
For international calls to Dushanbe it is necessary to dial the code of Tajikistan (992), Dushanbe city code (37) code or the network operator code (e.g.: 918, 91, 93, etc.) and phone number. For example: (+992 37) 236 - 06 - 79.
The forum participants will be assigned a vehicle to get to/from the venue. Transportation to/from the Dushanbe International Airport is provided by the hosts to all participants. 
Media Accreditation
All journalists and media technical staff (cameramen, soundmen, photographers, etc.) who wish to cover the First Investment Forum on the action plan of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for Cooperation with Central Asia must be accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan. For more information please visit following link: http://mfa.tj/en/rules-of-accreditation-of-foreign-mass-media-representatives/accreditation-of-foreign-mass-media-correspondents.html
All participants must register to have free access to the event sites. Registration will be made available at site on October 27, 2014 from 7:00 to 8:30.
The standard voltage in an electric circuit in Tajikistan is 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz. Electric sockets may not fit your electrical device plug, so you may need an adapter.
For further information on the provisional program and other additional information, please refer to the event's dedicated website (www.idbgbf.org/Tajikistan2014)